Best Tips to Get a Job

1. Keep Searching Job:

A job seeker should keep himself in continuous job search mode then you will be ready for opportunities as they arise. Keep your job documents(Resume) and job searching site profiles(Naukri, Monster, Indeed or similar like) up to date.

2. Create a profile of your Dream job:

This one can help you to identify the best openings. In this stage, consider the type of employer, Industry, growth opportunities, job profiles, work-life balance, etc. For example, if you have expertise in two or more different areas, focus on the area in which the job role matches and modify your resume/profile which best suits with the job role(Modify your skillset accordingly).

3. Find out what is missing in your current job:

Consider what might be missing from your current job, are that insufficient opportunities, managerial issues, delayed salaries, etc

4. Take a career assessment:  

You can do it in two ways. One is to Take some online career assessment through job portals and this will help you to identify skill sets, qualifications required for that job or you can avail the service of a student counsellor if you find it difficult to make decisions on the career.

5. Know your worth: 

To get an idea about the compensation or salary, conduct online research through job portals like, etc or directly from a person who works in the same job profile or from an HR Solution Company.

6. Acquire New Skills:  

Know the skill you need to achieve your dream job and acquire those skills by joining new courses, or through online educational platforms. The next step is to update your current skills. For example, An Accountant Job, a Few years ago Tally was enough, but now the tax system has changed to GST. So he/she has to update himself/herself with new GST Techniques.

7. Use Social Media to Help Companies to Find you:

When companies are facing staff shortage, employers become more active in recruiting Best Candidates. In this stage, they may utilize HR service providers, and also make use of LinkedIn or Glassdoor profiles. Recently companies are started using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar like, because of the popularity among the youth. Create a complete profile on LinkedIn, Create relevant professional connections, update it regularly, and Recruiters will find you before you find it. 

Hope this article will help you out to get your Dream Job in some extent….

Best wishes for your future endeavour

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